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bambina scuola dell'infanzia

Bambi&Bimbi preschool welcomes children of between 3 and 5 years of age, dividing them into same age groups in order to offer experience and activities suitable for the specific level of development and understanding of the English language.  

Educational projects

The planning of the different educational activities in the Italian language takes into consideration the different fields of experience as lined out by the Italian National Curriculum, or to be more precise, the different environments in which a child thinks and reacts. 


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Projects and workshops are put together for each different field of experience, some being held by external experts such as that of PE, circus and music. Particular attention is taken in helping with the development of the child’s motor skills taking advantage of the Primo Sport 0246 play area that was built in collaboration with the University of Verona. The activities that help to develop the child’s manual, motor and balancing skills are carried out by a specialised  teacher.  

The same amount of attention is given to the development of the meta-phonological and mathematical skills. The transversality between the varied proposals is a key principle of the project.

bambino scuola dell'infanzia


At the preschool, about 50% of the teaching activities are carried out by mother tongue or bilingual teachers in the English language. Reference is made to the objectives set out by the British Curriculum for the 3 - 5 years age group of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which is organised in a fully balanced way.  

Jolly English is initially proposed in regards to the phonetics and as a first approach to bilingualism gradually opening up of the English lexis. It is then followed up by giving continuity with the Jolly Phonics method, a concise and multi-sensorial method for teaching literacy in English. Jolly Phonics is widely known in the native English speaking countries and is specifically designed for preschool children. The variety of activities include songs, actions, images and games that are used in order to teach the correct recognition and formation of letters and the digraphs used to represent the sounds of the language.

curricolo english scuola dell'infanzia

We also work in other learning areas by means of structured projects and transversal activities that pay great attention to music, play, expressive art and physical activities.

Particular importance is given to the experiential and multi-sensorial mathematical approach.

“ICompute” is instead an innovative coding program which focuses on the development of computational thinking. The project is promoted within Anglo-saxon schools in order to reach the objectives as set out by the National Curriculum for Computing for 3 to 11 year olds.

Extra school activities


Bambi&Bimbi preschool does its best in order to offer a complete proposal and that means every year offering optional after school activities such as ball games, dance classes, music and circus. The different courses on offer can varie each year.  Bambi&Bimbi offers a summer camp during the summer holidays, giving covering during the months of July and August. Children coming from outside the school can also participate during this time.  


All of the children at Bambi&Bimbi wear a school uniform in order to feel a real part of the school. The uniform is provided by Cetty-Coccobaby company. If you are part of  Bambi&Bimbi then click here to purchase your uniform:

bambino gioco scuola dell'infanzia
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