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The school curriculum

Having overcome the conception of knowledge that is merely transmitted through separate disciplines, the curriculum foresees interdisciplinarity and transversality. The areas of work for the children of both courses include 3 interconnected macro-areas:

Don Milani Middle School project is designed in continuity with the 0–11-year course with Bambi&Bimbi. The school was recognized in the Regional Registers in July 2020.

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This educational planning is a guide that respects different learning styles, it takes particular care of the personalization of the proposals so that each child receives all the opportunities to develop their personal skills.

Constant commitment is placed on promoting self-esteem and building a positive self-image.

Because of this acquired scientific data, that at the base of learning there is the will to learn, the emotional-social aspect has particular importance and great attention is paid to emotional intelligence.

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We have decided to differentiate the school curriculum by opening our doors to students from other schools. Depending on the level of English achieved, it is possible to choose between two courses structured on the basis of the language skills of each individual child. The differences between the two paths refer only to the teaching of the English language and the level of in-depth topics taught in the second language path.

The minimum hourly rate of the individual disciplines is provided by the regulations for lower secondary schools. Taking advantage of school autonomy, the school has decided to increase the number of hours of teaching disciplines (reaching full time) to convey study subjects (geography, history, science) in English at different levels of depth.


The third foreign language is also enhanced. You can choose between Spanish or German. About 50% of the number of hours is offered in foreign languages, so we can provide bilingual training, which is oriented towards a multicultural perspective, while enhancing the richness of the Italian school traditions.

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Extra-school projects


The Don Milani Middle School offers various curricular expansion initiatives, with optional courses and projects to be carried out in extra-curricular hours:

  • English language certifications;

  • Latin courses;

  • Affectivity education project: course aimed at raising awareness of one's own emotions and a positive approach to sexuality issues with expert external intervention;

  • Cyberbullying prevention project: awareness-raising meetings for students of lower secondary school and to the families of all pupils aimed at a responsible use of social media and at the knowledge and prevention of behaviors related to cyberbullying;

  • Psychological counseling course for families and pupils, in order to promote well-being at school;

  • Orientation path in collaboration with COSP: this path develops students' awareness of their attitudes and abilities with a view to educational and personal success;

  • Activities with pupils in the fifth grade of primary school and with pupils from other institutions who wish to enroll in our middle school with a view to continuity and acceptance.


All the students of DonMilani Middle School wear the school uniform as a sign of belonging to the school reality. The uniform is provided by Cetty-Coccobaby company. If you are part of  DonMilani bilingual school then click here to purchase your uniform:

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