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The school curriculum

School activities are designed and implemented in a way that promotes interdisciplinarity. In primary school knowledge will be stimulated in relation to four macro areas:

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Particular attention is paid to personalization as everyone is offered the opportunity to develop academic and personal skills, valuing the points of strength of each child, thus promoting self-esteem and construction of a positive self-image.


A very useful methodology to achieve these is with the use of Cooperative Learning, used together as a set of educational structures as well as for academic and life philosophy.

Further attention is paid to the development of emotional intelligence, as there is awareness of the importance that emotions have, with respect to learning and relationships.

The School also considers it important to offer qualified courses during school hours, in which children can experience the confrontation with specialist teachers of circus, artistic-expressive workshops, music and physical activity.



In our primary school, around 50% of the teaching activities are carried out by mother tongue teachers in the English language.

Jolly Phonics, which a concise and multi-sensorial method for teaching literacy in English is initially proposed in regards to the teaching of phonetics. This is then followed by the Jolly Grammar programme which teaches spelling and punctuation and also consolidates the previous phonetics taught in the Jolly Phonics programme.

During the first two years of primary school, topic subjects such as history and geography are offered entirely in English. From Year Three onwards these subjects are taught both in Italian and English. Science is taught entirely in English form Year One onwards; mathematics, instead, is taught in both languages. 

“ICompute” is an innovative coding programme which focuses on the development of computational thinking. The project is promoted within a variety of Anglo-saxon schools in order to reach the coding learning objectives set out by the British National Curriculum for Computing for 3 to 11 year olds.

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Extra curricular activities 

To complete the offer, Bambi&Bimbi Primary School, every year offers various optional afternoon courses including ball games, dancing, music and circus.


All of the children at Bambi&Bimbi wear a school uniform in order to feel a real part of the school.  The uniform is provided by Cetty-Coccobaby company. If you are part of  Bambi&Bimbi then click here to purchase your uniform:


The entry time is from 7:45 am to 8:15 am while the exit time is from 3:45 pm at 4.15 pm.


By assessing the needs of families and believing in the value of bilingualism, it is deemed necessary to expand the training on offer, thus reaching an amount of hours equal to full time.

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